My therapeutic approach is practical, welcoming, and personal. I use a collaborative approach based on strengths. I deliberately choose therapeutic interventions that suit your situation and beliefs about personal change. I am passionate about understanding you as an individual, couple, family, and your world.
I believe in the value of an excellent therapeutic approach, which has made me understand that counseling people is unique. There is no universal approach that works for all. My approach begins with learning about you, being able to think about your concerns and devising new ways to change.
My therapeutic approach consists of different approaches however one of the key concepts is self-realization.  Helping my clients becomes aware of their own abilities and potentials. By knowing their inner ability, they will be able to live their lives to overcome any challenge they might have in the future, or any obstacle that might try to prevent them from making positive changes. My approach places you as a client first, without judgement.